Première collaboration

Je suis heureux de vous annoncer ma première collaboration avec le jeune artiste photographe anglais Daniel Sachon.

Un jeune artiste à découvrir sans tarder !

Pour tout renseignement merci de me contacter.

Site internet de l’artiste

Daniel Sachon is a photographic artist from London.

Born in 1995, Daniel first began experimenting with photography at the age of fourteen when within just two months, he had secured his first paying client. By his 15th birthday, the young photographer had worked with the capitals leading agencies and began gaining widespread recognition through his published works in international magazines.

Sachon’s first hand experience as a successful commercial trader of contemporary art across various galleries in London over the last four years has accommodated him with an invaluable inside knowledge of the industry. Working within a dynamic of such succession lent him an advantage in managing both the business and creative aspects of his own brand, as well as building himself as an artist of longevity.

Daniel’s work has the striking uniqueness of the “fighter”, in the sense that, just like in life, he refuses to glean an image by chance. Instead, he has an acute awareness of his visual prey, manifesting the ideas of his minds-eye with a creative assertiveness. It is with this self-assurance that Daniel approaches his work, constructing images that have a bold, visual core whilst evoking an effortless and almost brooding yet beckoningly nostalgic tone.

Inspired just as much by the clean-cut world of advertising as he is by the works of great masters and the post-war contemporaries, Sachon aims to create a synergy between the worlds of art and commerce – fusing together two worlds that are often viewed as far apart. While his photographs are imbued with modern themes, he subverts them with a classical approach to photography, thus creating timeless images that will endure the ever-changing world they live in.

Daniel continues to approach his work with a consistency and loyalty to the founding themes and aesthetics of his artistic roots, allowing for an authenticity in growth. Though a growing maturity in ones craft is inevitable, Sachon continues to stay true to the original goal and vision at the genesis of his passion.

2015 saw Daniel take on a new role as a photo producer at Culprit Creative, a Los Angeles based creative agency who are noted as one of the ’30 under 30 in Advertising’ by Forbes.  Daniel also returned to his studies in the fall, enrolling in a Bachelor’s degree at Central St. Martins.

Daniel closed 2015 with the debut of his first solo exhibition ‘Disruptive Innovation’ at the London Newcastle Project Space, Shoreditch in December. Sachon proposed an unapologetically bold and beautiful reconciliation between the historically conflicted worlds of art and commerce, inviting the public on an experimental journey split across three adjoining galleries presenting a body of work he had been manifesting for six years. The debut exhibition garnered critical acclaim, with the London Evening Standard siting Sachon as ‘a veteran of photography at 19’.