“Yiming Min’s work has never followed expectations. Over the past decades the artist has developed works that have always asked questions about society and the world in the wider sense; early realistic work dealt with the history of China after the Cultural Revolution or the impact of consumerism in the country. Over the past few years, works have become more abstract but a the same time more sensual and poetic, dealing with bigger questions about humanity and our place in the world, concern for nature and a potentially nostalgic view of the past. As modes of expression, the artist works both in painting and with sculptural based works. His paintings can be conceived as dreamscapes, expressions of feelings and spontaneity, albeit ruptured by physical insertions into the canvas, which become literally punctured. The skilfully executed, confident sculptures and installations take their material often literally from the surrounding nature of his studio, which sits on the border between urban and rural China, close to a sprawling urban centre but next to woods and wide open spaces. Incorporating wood but combined with cast materials the artist creates fragile compositions, which subtly comment on our exploitation of nature – a concern we share across the globe. Rather than attempting to provide answers, the artist puts us in a liminal space. Following the title of his exhibition Therefore, as viewers we are directly spoken to and have to think about our own response to both question and answer.

Born in 1957 in Xi’an in Central China, the artist has been widely exhibited and collected in China. As the son of an architect and with an interest in sculpture from his teenage years, Yiming Min chose to explore ancient art in Cian, his native town and former capital of the empire, in one of China’s most respected art schools. He now lives in Xiamen, capital of the Fujian province in South-east China. There he had the opportunity to take his work out into public space, in the form of a number of large-sale public commissions for which he has received numerous prizes. His two most recent solo exhibitions took place in 2013 at the Hong Kong Museum of Contemporary art, Beijing and in 2014 at the Espace Cardin in Paris, entitled “L’émotion de l’instant” [“The Emotion of the moment”]. Following an increased international recognition, his work has as yet to be discovered in the UK.”

Text from the catalog of the exhibition “Therefore,” written by Stephanie Dieckenvoss

Yiming Min is graduated from Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts.
Works and lives in Xiamen

Solo Exhibition

2014      Mention This Moment, Espace Pierre Cardin Paris, France

2013      759 Square Feet, Hong Kong Contemporary Art Museum, Beijing, China

2009      Posture, Paragon International Center, Xiamen, China

2005      Deep Space, Nihao Art Gallery, Xiamen, China

1998      Square Continuous Exhibition, Xi’an Mass Art Museum, Xi’an, China


Group Exhibition


2015      China-Korea-Japan Contemporary Art Exhibition, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum,Japan

2014      National Salon of Fine Arts, Carrousel de Louvre, France

2013      Flying Languages, Chinese Sculpture Almanac Exhibition, National Theatre, Beijing, China

2013      798 Art Festival, Dashanzi Art District, Beijing, China

2011      Chinese Sculpture Almanac Exhibition, Quintessence estates ,Beijing, China

2011     Come Across-Brothers and us, Shangshang Art Gallery, Xiamen

2011      Untitled, Three Walking Men, Shangshang Art Gallery, Contemporary Art Exhibition

2009      798 to Xiamen, Contemporary Art Exhibition, China

2009      Chinese Sculpture Almanac Exhibition, Beijing, China

2008      Chinese Contemporary Art Document Exhibition, Gehua ticketmaster gallery& Wall art gallery ,Beijing,China

2008      EM Art Gallery, Beijing, China

2008      China-Swiss, Art Interactive Exhibition, China&Swiss, China

2008      No pain no gain, Times Space,Beijing, China

2007      The Second Session Songzhuang Art Festival, Sculpture Exhibition, Beijing, China

2007      Harmonious But Diverse, China Contemporary Sculpture Nomination Exhibition, Yanhuang Art Museum,Beijing, China

2007      I carve therefore I am, The First Session National Occupational Artists Exhibition, Sichuan, China

2007      Vast Sculpture, Shanghai mart, China

2006      The Ninth Session Beijing International Art Fair, China world trade center,Beijing, China

2006      Art Beijing2006, Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing, China

2006      The Second Session Songzhuang Art Festival « Open Road », Sculpture Exhibition, Beijing, China

2006      Today Art Exhibition, China Art Museum, Beijing, China

2004      China&Belgian Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Lana sculpture park,Belgium

2004      Huang Tian Hou Tu, Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, China millennium monument art museum in the world,Beijing, China

Prices and awards


2014      Meiren Public park Beaux-Arts Price – Amoy (Xiamen) – Award for excellence

2013      Competition Urban sculptures for Art in companies and public equipments.

2013      Dance in the wind – sculpture selected for the 1st international sculpture exhibition at Pingta

2013      Aijing, award at the third international competition dedicated to landscape and environment planning

2011      Named by UNO one of the top -10 designers for a territory development project South Taiwu – China

2010      Sea-Music selected for the Amy exhibition (Xiamen), China

2008     Jury member for the first City Architectural Competition – Amoy (Xiamen), China

First Sculpture Price at Urban Chinese Sculpture contest

2006     Gold Medal the law is the law” – 9th International Contemporary Art Fair Beijing – China

2004     Third Price Borders – project with Belgian-Chinese artists

1999      First price with Le banian – Jiangbin Public Garden – city of Fuzhou

Member of Chinese sculpture Academy

Board member of the Chinese Academy for Beaux-Arts and territory development

Board member of the Chinese Beaux-Arts Academy for the Fujian district

President of the Chinese Academy for Beaux-Arts and territory development for the City of Amoy (Xiamen),

Director of the Academic Sculpture Society for the City of Amoy (Xiamen)

Director of the City Planning Commission for the city of Amoy (Xiamen)

In charge of the public project “artistic installations for the Meirenyuan public park” at Amoy (Xiamen)


Vernissage – Yiming Min – Therefore

Over his ten years as a sculptor, Yiming Min has painstakingly rebuilt a world with innumerable facets, reminding everyone about the power of the mind. Pascale Lismonde

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