The Tibet’s secret language


Exhibition from September 7th to September 29th, 2015

Opening September 24th, 2015 from 19:00 p.m. to 22.00 p.m.

 Mr.Wang Qi, born in Chengdu, China, who is member of the China Photographers Association, Vice President of Sichuan Province Art Photography Association, committee member of Sichuan Province Photographers’ Association, Member of the Sichuan Writers Association, the contract photographer for The Earth and The People.

Wang likes to keep walking in different scenery and to search for different feelings. Therefore, whether writing article or taking photography, he sought to be mixed with nature, to explore the realm of heaven. He followed the principle of “keep walking, taking photos, writing poems”, singing and dancing with nature, to find some combination of soul and heaven.

Wang Qi had published many books. The poetic journey and Exploring the West Sichuan Plateau had been collected by Oxford University Library. He had also published literature, photographs. Some literature and photography had received awards at all levels.

In December 2014, SNBA(National exhibition of fine arts ) held in the Louvre Palace in Paris, Mr. Wang Qi had won the gold prize. In May 2015, his aerial photographs the Buddha Lights and the Qinghai Lake had been collected by Shenzhen Guanshanyue Art Museum.