Installation, vidéo, sculpture, performance
Qingdao Sculpture Museum
Exhibition from 08 december 2017 to 28 janvier 2018

Opening ceremony 08 december 2017, 15.00 pm 
with the artists

Qingdao Sculpture Gallery
Chinese Academy of Sculpture – Qingdao Branch
Address: n°66 at Donghai East Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China
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Organizer : Qingdao Sculpture Museum
Contact : Ricky : +86-0532-88707755 /
General coordination & Curator :
Christophe Ménager: +33 (6) 22 33 66 25 / /Paris

Partner :
Contact : Mattia Pozzoni – / / London

We are delighted to present you this exhibition in collaboration with the Qingdao Sculpture Museum and its director Mrs Dongwei Ye.

Based on an original project, with the support of our partner the APT Collection, the exhibition showcases an incredible selection of established artists and talented emerging ones, representing the diverse world of contemporary German artistic creation in the field of the contemporary sculpture and installation.

After Opus 1 Europe in China, organised in 2015, the Qingdao Sculpture Museum of China invites 18 artists specially selected as part of an action within the traditional mission of major art events, directed towards the creation and dissemination of the Contemporary Art.

Strongly marked by the German occupation at the end of the 19th century, Qingdao has long been regarded as an hub of German knowledge and culture within China. The architectural legacy from that period still strongly marks the urban landscape of the city, contributing to forge the collective memory of younger generations.

The historical links and secular friendship between China and German culture give particular meaning to this new presentation, created through the different voices of the artists involved.

Comprising more than 80 works, by artists from Germany, Switzerland and Austria, this show wants to offer a partial yet exhaustive overview of the contemporary artistic scene of these countries. Different media and genres are coming together, colliding, interacting and are an invitation to discover, exchange and question our perception of both art and life.

The stunning 4000 m2 exhibition halls will showcase a curatorial idea which starts from the creation of sense through abstract composition and textures, spanning through conceptual art, and finely crafted paintings.

A catalogue will accompany the exhibition, together with a series of different events and talks, where artists, coming to Qingdao for this special occasion, will explain their artistic practice together with the visitors and Artists will be present at the opening as well as in the events that have been especially organised in occasion of the exhibition. This is an unrivalled opportunity to learn about their practice and aesthetics. A catalogue will be published.

We hope that this exhibition will allow to discuss and confront different points of view and will strengthen even more the longstanding friendship between these German-speaking countries, China and Qingdao.

Selected Artists : Alice Könitz, Germany/Benjamin Greber, Austria/Costa Vece, Switzerland/David Renggli, Switzerland/Flo Maak/ Germany, Austria/Frank Maier, Germany/Karin Suter, Switzerland/Lone Haugaard Madsen, Austria/Mariele Neudecker, Germany/Myriam Holme, Germany/Raphael Danke, Germany/René Zeh, Germany/Rolf Graf, Switzerland/Roseline Rannoch, Germany/Vanessa Billy, Switzerland/Vanessa Henn, Germany/Werner Reiterer, Austria/Halona Hilbertz, Germany